Consultation Fees

1 Hr Consult / New Patient / New Problem / Concern $450*
30 Minute Consult $300*
45 Minute Consult $350*
Developmental/Behavioural Assessment $600*
Laser Tongue Tie Release (up to 3 months old) $400*
Laser Tip Tie Release (up to 3 months old) $400*
Lost/Additional Script Fee (requested outside of consults) $40*
Additional Letters (requested privately) $50*


  • GP’s are able to do repeats if needed in between appointments.
  • Scripts will no longer be posted and will need to be collected from the rooms.
  • A current GP referral is required for a script to be done.

*These fees are subject to change without notice
*These fees are correct and current as of 1st February 2021